Transforming the food system so everyone can access healthy food that is grown regeneratively.

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Imagine a circular
economy model

in a local municipality where food scraps and garden waste is collected, upcycled into a variety of high value products that are returned back to the community to grow healthy and nutritious food?

In the process, using regenerative methods, soil, plant, human health is improved, ecosystems, biological diversity is restored and GHG reduced and food security raised!

Our vision is to direct the nutrients and carbon contained in bio-waste into regenerative food production that supports the sustainability of our soils, people and the planet.

Bio-waste is a catalyst to help move towards more sustainable food production by replacing synthetic fertilizers.


We should
drastically increase

Bio-waste has always been part of nature that has returned to the soil. Now that more people have moved to cities, this circulation is broken. Unfortunately, most bio-waste ends up in landfills and incineration, resulting in pollution and a waste of valuable resources.


than 2% of the nutrients in food waste is looped in cities;


than 60 harvests are available now globally due to soil depletion;


agriculture accounts for 25 % of total climate emissions;

How we do it

Community bio circular model

– Biowaste collection from restaurants and offices
– Biowaste transportation
– Valorization with bacteria and earthworms
– Soil enriching biofertilizers
– Using biofertilizers in regenerative agriculture
– Clean, healthy, and nutritious food reaches consumers

Nutriloop model

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