Transforming the food system so everyone can access healthy food that is grown regeneratively.


Imagine a circular
economy model

in a local municipality where food scraps and garden waste is collected, upcycled into a variety of high value products that are returned back to the community to grow healthy and nutritious food?
In the process, using regenerative methods, soil, plant, human health is improved, ecosystems, biological diversity is restored and GHG reduced and food security raised!


There are massive amounts of potentially valuable organic matter generated in local municipalities all over the world. This organic matter is referred to as bio-waste. Unfortunately, most of this bio-waste never gets recycled but instead ends up in landfills and incinerators causing pollution and wasting precious resources.
At the same time, the way we grow our food industrially is exhausting our soils and ecosystems. Soil gobally are getting poorer by losing organic matter, nutrients and biology – ironically, these are just the ingredients present in bio-waste!


than 2% of the nutrients in food waste is looped in cities;


than 60 harvests are available now globally due to soil depletion;


agriculture accounts for 25 % of total climate emissions

We should
drastically increase

the diversion of carbon and nutrients from municipal food waste into a food production model that supports regeneration and sustainability of our soil, human and planetary health.

We need to

Incentivize more local municipalities and communities to start seperate collection of organic waste

Reinforce collaboration between bio-waste recycling companies and food growers involved in carbon farming, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry.

Transition from a linear take-make-dispose mindset to a circular one emulating natures principles.

Engage participation by creating and communicating a context in which food waste is part of a solution instead of a problem.


NutriLoop – The Carbon and nutrient looping system for bio-waste.

How does it work?



municipalities and organisations in the NutriLoop system by communicating our compelling vision and the solution.


clean, source separated bio-waste materials and sort them by quality and properties.


materials in a near-by facility into novel products using effective and innovative methods.


products back to the community and farmers to grow healthy food regeneratively.