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Vegetable growers

Transition to regenerative farming practices

Are you a vegetable grower who wants to take care of the fertility and biology of your field’s soil?


Together with you, we will gradually create a new food system that values ​​food sovereignty, local resources, and the health of local communities through clean food.

If you are a vegetable grower who wants to transition to regenerative farming practices, get a fair price for their products and use the circular biofertilizers for their food growing, join our nutrient looping cooperation model.

By participating in our cooperation model, you can help to make the food system sustainable and make sustainably grown food more available.

Nutriloop model

The service includes:

Transition plan

A 3-year transition plan to regenerative agriculture with suitable circular bio-fertilizers.

Products selling

Selling your products through the nutrient looping cooperation model (currently under development)

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