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Direct your bio-waste to sustainable food production

We offer a complete service for bio-waste. We will supply you with special containers, add value to your bio-waste in our factory and direct biofertilizers made from the material to food growers who grow environmentally friendly local food.


Together with you, we will gradually create a new food system that values ​​food sovereignty, local resources and the health of local communities through clean food.

By giving us your bio-waste, you are contributing to a sustainable food system and helping to restore soil fertility and sequester CO2. The amount of bio-waste is not important, each contribution contributes to the achievement of the goals.

We are developing a model that enables you to get back food that has been grown regeneratively using your bio-waste.

Nutriloop model

The service includes:

Bio-waste audit

We find out the current situation and the best solution (volume of bio-waste generated, resources needed to provide the service and frequency of disposal)


We train your staff (Why collect, how to collect and what happens next)

Food cycle tracking

Currently in development (It is possible to accurately track the path of your bio-waste: place of origin, place of recovery, food production, end products)

Healthy and clean food back

Currently in development (We're developing a model for recovering food that is grown using regenerative principles with the help of your bio-waste.)

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