Keeping the
nutrients in the loop

The way we grow our food is exhausting our soils and ecosystems. As our soil is getting poorer and losing its organic matter, our food is losing its nutritional value as well. Because of soil depletion, crops today aren’t giving us as much vitamins and minerals as they used to a few decades ago.

At the same time millions of tonnes of biowaste is being wasted. In the cities less than 2% of biological nutrients go back to productive use (Ellen Macarthur Foundation). Biowaste is currently the missing link in building our soils and fixing the food system. 


We can make the food system much more sustainable if we capture all these nutrients and turn them into valuable products for regenerative farming solutions. Instead of the soil emitting greenhouse gas emissions, we could biologically sequester the carbon and the nitrogen back into the soil and grow more nutritious food.  


Roughly ¼ of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture that makes it world second largest source of greenhouse gasses after energy production (Ellen Macarthur Foundation) 


We should not aim for ever higher yields using intensive agriculture with synthetic fertilizers  which is the main cause of the destruction, but we should aim for growers to be more effective through regenerative agriculture principles.