The Carbon and nutrient looping system for bio-waste.

How does it work?



municipalities and organisations in the NutriLoop system by communicating our compelling vision and the solution.


clean, source separated bio-waste materials and sort them by quality and properties.


materials in a near-by facility into novel products using effective and innovative methods.


products back to the community and farmers to grow healthy food regeneratively.

3 pillars of NutriLoop system:


We believe that the main cause why bio-waste is a problem is because it has not been given a proper context and infrastructure. Noone wants to be part of a problem but everyone wants to feel that their actions are contributing to a higher cause.  It is our mission in NutriLoop to offer people a vision and the tools to move towards that vision, at the same time living in harmony with our purpose, values and beliefs.


We believe cooperation is the key in solving global challenges.  The most reasonable and effective way to achieve great things is to work together with those who are moving in the same direction.  In order to get people and organisations on board, communicating our vision and being transparent about everything is essential!


This is what ties it all up! One vision, one name, one direction. NutriLoop will take care of all the complexity.  We have designed the system,  we will operate it, scale it, develop it and make it available to all the communities in the world!

Current dysfunctional and disconnected system focused on waste management.

NutriLoop circular economy based system driven by purpose and focused on cooperation, transparency and value creation.