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NutriLoop is a bioeconomy company that creates community wide nutrient cycles through upcycling of bio-waste into high-quality fertilizers and biostimulants. The use of innovative fermentation technology with effective microorganisms directs carbon and nutrients back to the soil.

Thus, we help to counteract climate warming and soil degradation. By being the advocate and developer of regenerative (including biological) agriculture, we also help to restore our soils and ecosystem in general and enhance the food sovereignty.

NutriLoop is hiring graduate and postgraduate students in the field ofregenerative and eco agriculture

Available positions:


If you have a strong interest in sustainable farming and you want to contribute to the development of alternative solutions that would save our soils from intensive agriculture, then NutriLoop team offers a perfect opportunity!

What we offer:

  • partial and flexible (remote if needed) working plan;
  • training materials of world-class experts on the latest research trends;
  • engaging in NutriLoop events with other enthusiastic experts in the field;
  • the opportunity to participate in changing the world in a practical way – promoting the regenerative agriculture and stopping the wasteful practices of our planet’s resources.
  • cooperation opportunities from internship up to partnership!

You’re a perfect candidate if:

  • you’re an enthusiast and life-long learner who is open to innovative solutions and has cross-sectoral holistic view;
  • you’re ready to collaborate with the international experts;
  • you have creativity, originality and courage to stand out from the mainstream.

If you believe that your personal ambitions meet NutriLoop’s vision in changing the world, you are welcome to discuss it further by contacting us.

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