Main Concept

We have created a circular economy model that combines, develops and brings innovation into the following most important biowaste value chains: awareness, collection,  upcycling with product development and regenerative food growing. The model is based on two key factors: context that helps to give biowaste new food related value and cooperation that enables systematic approach.

Current dysfunctional and disconnected system focused on waste management.

NutriLoop circular economy based system driven by purpose and focused on cooperation, transparency and value creation.

For our nutrient cycling model we use different biowaste valorization technologies that are innovative, environmentally friendly and economically viable. Our full solution starts from awareness raising and purposeful separate collection of biowaste that ensures that biomaterial will be upcycled to the maximum level. That leads to valuable products that help to grow healthy and nutritious local food following regenerative agriculture principles. The products are created to put carbon and nutrients back into the soil and activate the soil microbiome.